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MVE Technologies believes that innovative design is the way to find solution for a perennial problem and the increasing demands of our customers.

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MVE Technologies series MTC…IP internal plug chokes design succeeds in reducing fatigue caused by vibration, side loads caused by flow and particle impact. The objective of the trim is to dissipate and control the high energy, velocity and turbulence within the confines of the trim, thus avoiding erosion damage to the pressure containing boundaries. The trim style is good for high capacity and good flow control.




Body Design

Max orifice: 1” – 6”

Max PSI CWP: 2000 – 15000

Bonnet style: Wing Nut / Bolted

Temperature class: -59C to 250C



Oil and gas production.

Water and gas injection.

Gas lift.

Field Environment

Standard and severe service, abrasive, CO2, H2S, High pressure, High and low temperature.

Product Features and Benefits

The pressure balanced trim offsets high actuation force allow for small actuator, accurate control and allows for high differential pressures.


Trim style has a pressure recovery coefficient which has a significant effect when checking critical flow and cavitation.


Combined both metal and soft bonnet sealing, and spring loaded pressure energized stem seals.


Adapts to various inlet and outlet flange connections, eliminates cost associated with piping modifications and downtime often required to replace an existing choke.


High turndown ratio to control the production from start-up through well depletion scenarios and still maintaining good control.


Covered indicator to prevent water or any forms of hazardous liquids penetrating to bonnet area hence protecting the stem from corrosion effects.  


Fully protected seat and sleeve sealing from direct interface with flow velocity